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Anatomy & Physiology

This course takes a comprehensive journey through the body. We will focus on the study of the structure, function, and relationship of the anatomical and physiological systems of the human body. This course studies the function of each system and how they are affected by Massage Therapy. We teach all 11 systems with emphasis on the musculoskeletal system and it’s relevance to the massage practitioner for safe applications of Massage Therapy.

Massage Therapy

This course introduces the practice of massage therapy. Students will learn proper use of equipment, proper hygiene, and sanitation. They will learn the massage strokes used in Swedish massage, deep tissue, chair massage, sports massage, hot stone, reflexology, and more. Students will learn information about client positioning, proper draping, and proper body mechanics. They will also be taught complimentary massage modalities and how to accommodate clients with special circumstances.

Professional Ethics

In this course students will learn how to put ethical standards into their practice. They will learn what is expected in a professional setting. Students will learn boundaries, relationships, legal requirements, sexual conduct, and client confidentiality. They will also be taught about laws, morals and rules and regulations in order to maintain an ethical massage therapy practice.


This course teaches the four key structures for movement: connective tissue, joints, muscles, and nerves. Students will apply some biomechanical principles and put the body to the test by exploring the concepts of biomechanics, posture, and gait.


This course teaches the basic practice of hydrotherapy, the therapeutic use of water in the treatment of disease and the promotion of health. Students will learn how to enhance massage therapy sessions with the therapeutic use of hot and cold application of water, such as hot towels, ice packs/ice massage, and hot and cold footbath. We also teach popular spa treatments such as salt glows, dry brushing, body wraps, and paraffin dips.

First Aid/CPR

In this course, students will take a First Aid/CPR/AED course certified by the Red Cross. Students will learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms of injuries and sudden illness, how to recognize a life-threatening emergency, and how to provide basic life support. They will gain the necessary skills for the administration of CPR to adults, children and infants and learn how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED).


This course studies various conditions and diseases for which massage therapy may be indicated or contraindicated. The intended outcome of this course is to teach students to be critical thinkers in their massage practice. With this critical thinking, they will be able to make safe, effective, evidence-informed choices about massage therapy and bodywork for their clients who live with challenges to their health. The students will learn how to safely proceed in providing proper care for each client.


This course teaches the business basics they will need to operate a massage practice. This course covers career options, professionalism, self-care, starting a successful practice, managing a practice, advertising, and community networking strategies.


We offer various elective classes to supplement the students education. We offer courses in Cranial Sacral, Facilitated Stretching, Injury Prevention, Cupping & Gua Sha techniques, Kinesio Taping, and more.


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